The Old Town + City Center


Jansson´s  temptation, crispbread & Mom´s meatballs A short sweet history of salted cuisine:  from a medieval stew pan to the festive smorgasbord. Tour duration : 1h30 min Min. 10 -max. 26 people per group Cost : 1500 sek  + 60 [...]

The Old Town + City Center2019-02-12T15:31:32+01:00

The Old Town – Gamla stan


Medieval Stockholm : Heaven and Hell We stroll along cobbled alleys and twisting lanes transporting us back to the year Stockholm was born. We pass the narrowest stone stairway, the oldest gate and the first red district. A story  about [...]

The Old Town – Gamla stan2019-02-12T15:31:32+01:00
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